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Another Level in Distance Performance
Four QUADRA Assist functions effectively support
an exhilarating driving performance


The awesome driving performance of Fire Express rises to another level. The Fire Express RB has been developed to enable both further distance and a constant controllability. Four QUADRA Assist functions accelerate the club speed as well as concentrate the swing energy at impact. Each function of QUADRA Assist results in constant and smooth turn of the shaft from the top of the swing producing an exhilarating and solid feel at impact. As a result, both impact speed and smash factor are drastically improved. The RB series effectively controls club face turn throughout the swing so that players can intentionally impart various trajectories.

●The Quadraxial SOF sheets are applied partially at the butt and the middle of the shaft and an additional Quadraxial SOF sheet is layered on the top, the entire length of the shaft. The rigidity of each part is effectively designed to enable stable release of the shaft. It contributes increased swing speed and smash factor at impact.
●The middle part of the shaft is designed to flex so as to store swing energy. This “Energy Storage Zone” effectively provides a stable swing tempo yet increases swing speed before impact.
● The balance point of each RB shaft is designed to be located around the butt area. This counter balance weight design helps players to keep a steady swing plane and a comfortable swing tempo.
●The high tensile graphite “T1100G” newly developed by TORAY is adopted on the straight layer. This high strength and modulus carbon graphite saves weight while keeping the shaft solid. The NANOALLOY® technology material is additionally layered to improve the resistance of the shaft on impact while keeping a comfortable feel.

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