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The High Performance Shaft
created for high swing speed golfers


The Fire Express BX-70 is exclusively designed for high swing speed players who want to achieve their maximum swing speed. The athletic golfer strives for the maximum distance and accuracy for their drives through shaft performance. They are very sensitive to uncomfortable movement and response of the shaft in their pre-shot routine, at the beginning of the backswing, in transition and in the impact zone. To avoid this negative feeling of unwanted movement, they usually prefer a stiffer flex.
The Fire Express BX-70 shaft is designed in varying flexes for high swing speed players. This shaft provides the best performance in driving distance and accuracy while still providing the satisfying solid feel and consistency which such athletic golfers require with a driver around 45 inches. This solid feel throughout the swing is available through an effectively delivered weight around the shaft balance-point.
The Quadraxial SOF sheet is applied to the entire length of the shaft and additional layers are added around the tip and the butt of the shaft to control the shaft performance. The butt of the shaft is designed for a stable shaft movement throughout the swing and a smooth transition for better ball control. The treatment at the tip of the shaft effectively reduces the spin rate. The F1~F4 flexes have a double layer of Quadraxial SOF sheet and the F0 flex has a triple layer to control the tip movement at impact of each respective swing speed for the ideal spin rate.

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