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Fastest Terminal Velocity for the Hot Rod Driver

Since first being launched in 2009, the continual development of Fire Express has been driven by an obsession to provide the player with the ultimate driving performance. This passion has resulted in the Fire Express HR.
A key factor in achieving longer driving distance revolves around the constant acceleration of the clubhead through impact. This is where the Fire Express HR excels.
In fact the Fire Express HR may provide an initial impression throughout the swing that the shaft accelerates faster than previously experienced, however, the Hexaxial SOF sheet applied to the outer layer stabilizes any distortion of the shaft such that clubhead turn and directional stability are not compromised. Through innovative design and use of the most advanced material technologies available the Fire Express HR achieves constant clubhead acceleration and stability, providing the player with the ability to achieve driving distances never previously experienced

There are three choices of shaft weights (grams) to provide the most suitable choice for your swing; 40 plus (HR4), 50 plus (HR5) and 60 plus (HR6)
The Fire Express HR4 is comprised of High-Tensile Strength Modulus Carbon Fiber sheet in 80% of its body layers enabling the shaft movement required to accelerate the clubhead, while Tungsten Powder Sheet is applied to the tip section to keep the clubhead square at impact.
The Fire Express HR5 is made of 40t high-modulus graphite sheet and the Fire Express HR6 is made of 50t high-modulus graphite. High-Tensile Strength Modulus Carbon Fiber sheet is layered along the entire length of the shaft with Hexaxial SOF sheet applied to the middle section allowing the shaft to quickly accelerate like a highly tuned sports car while providing a pure and solid impact. Quadraxial SOF sheet is also applied with a total of ten axes reinforcement delivering comfortable rigidity and steady movement of the shaft.
The unique color combination of a clear red finish on the tip and the butt in combination with a gold finish in the middle section and the Hexaxial SOF sheet able to be seen beneath the surface (when in sunlight) inspires the player to make their best swing.

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