With its carbon fiber iron shafts, seven dreamers is changing the common accepted standard of the industry, by making the hardness of the whole set of clubs consistent.
It is based on a “Flex Consistency” concept where all club numbers with different lengths have consistent flex (hardness), and allow the player to swing the club with the 
same comfort. Generally, clubs made with the “Flex Consistency” concept, even middle & long irons, clubs said to be poorly understood by players, are surprisingly easier 
to hit and simultaneously help improve the accuracy of long shots.

Flex Consistency = (hardness consistency of the shafts )


From golf clubs currently on the market, among the 14 shafts in a club set, the longest and lightest driver shaft is soft, and the shortest wedge shaft is heavy and hard. 
This, each golfer unconsciously distinguishes when swinging the club. And at that time of the swing, we observe that the club head speed for the driver becomes the 
fastest and for the wedge club the slowest. 

“Flex Consistency” is a concept born from the idea of being able to swing clubs more easily and comfortably (without much variation in speed), instead of the situation 
with current standard clubs where the head speed gradually decreases as the shaft hardness increases. 

By applying this concept to each of the 14 shafts in a club set, seven dreamers is proposing “14 Complete Collection.”


Besides improving swing comfort, FC shafts provide additional benefits.
When compared to the standard shafts used until now, for the long irons, hardness is slightly increased and it becomes easier to achieve increased smash factor and ball 
flight. For our short irons, unlike other shafts it bends the same as the long irons. By so, the player can hit the ball with the correct angle of the iron obtaining the original 
launch angle of the ball it was made to have. This makes it easier for ball to stop green. 
With regard to the putter, player can hit the putting stroke with the same feeling as the shaft used when approaching making it easier for the player to swing when putting.

This is, seven dreamers “14 Complete Collection” 
All shaft with ”Flex (hardness) Consistency” concept.

Feel the difference from other shaft and bring our score up.

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