Combining a network of FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY micro-textures with the ground-breaking new GENESIS material, the new SONAR provides outstanding comfort and unmatched performance in all conditions. A reduced-taper shape reduces excess grip tension for a more fluid swing. Slightly softer feel and super-tacky surface make SONAR the ideal grip for a wide variety of golfers.


  • Made with the revolutionary new GENESIS hybrid compound that maintains its feel and tackiness in all conditions

  • Proprietary FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY provides a comfortable and secure grip connection with a micro-texture surface

  • Straighter, reduced-taper shape promotes hand unity and eliminates excess grip tension

  • Exceptional all-weather performance

  • Superior torsion control ensures greater shot consistency and control

  • Incredibly comfortable material and surface pattern ideal for a wide range of golfers

An ultra-comfortable alternative to polyurethane grips, the Comfort PLUS is made of a proprietary rubber compound that is both appealingly soft and incredibly durable. The grip features a reduced-taper profile with a larger lower hand to encourage the ideal light-pressure grip. Lamkin's proprietary FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY provides a shallow micro-texture for comfortable traction.



  • Made with Lamkin's new DSX material, developed to provide a super soft feel that lasts round after round

  • FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY with a shallow micro-texture surface pattern provides a comfortable and smoother grip feel

  • Unique manufacturing process and an unbuffed finish provides an extremely tacky grip surface

  • Straighter, reduced-taper profile promotes the ideal light grip pressure for greater shot control and consistency

Inspired by Tour players, the new Players Cord is a less aggressive, smoother full-cord grip with a subtle hand alignment feature. Available in both traditional taper (Standard size) and reduced-taper (Standard PLUS size) shapes. 



  • Light surface pattern and softer cord fabric provide a smoother feel feeling full cord grip

  • Traditional black style with an understated hand placement feature designed for shot-shaping grip alignment

  • Made with Lamkin's proprietary synthetic rubber compound for exceptional durability and consistency

  • Ideal grip for all weather conditions

  • Available in a traditional-taper standard size, and a reduced-taper standard plus size

The new Z5 BLACK features multiple grip zones scientifically engineered to promote proper hand placement and the ideal light pressure grip with every swing. The grip's all-rubber foundation is combined with a functional network of textures to deliver enhanced comfort, control and consistency. 




  • Features multiple texture zones designed to provide the ultimate in grip comfort and control

  • All-rubber construction offers a smoother and more comfortable grip feel

  • Unmatched durability, exceptional performance in all weather conditions

  • Shallow micro texture in the bottom zones for a more comfortable feel in the non-glove lower hand

  • Traditional and understated all-black style

  • Functional alignment features promote a consistent and repeatable grip at set-up

An all-around great feeling grip, the R.E.L. ACE is made with the super-tacky and shock-absorbing Advanced Cohesive Elastomer. The light pattern, slightly softer material and wide range of colors and sizes make it an ideal choice for a broad range of golfers.



  • Enhanced ACE material with dirt-resistant, anti- static additives to ensure longer lasting surface tack

  • Patented vibration-dampening technology reduces shock without dulling feedback

  • Light surface pattern for enhanced comfort and maximum grip connection

  • Golf’s widest assortment of color & size options

  • Ideal for a broad range of golfers

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